Middle East Retail Forum (MRF) 2023

Peggy Li is the Managing Partner at SPS: Affinity, a boutique consultancy that covers all spectrum of working within the hospitality & service industries. She has 18+ years executive-level management experience in Europe, Middle East and Far East. She is a solid Michelin star high-end food & beverage operator worked with world-renowned chef such as Joel Robuchon. With Li’s strong working persona, she has caved many successful business ventures prior of settling in Dubai three years ago. She is an active member at Dubai Business Council, UAE Chinese Business Women Council, with the level of network and association that elevate the work synergy among female entrepreneurs. Li is also a start-up mentor and adviser at WOMENA, In5 Tech Incubator & Accelerator and SHERAA. She has mentored entrepreneurs behind concepts such as Halakiwi in the UAE and Mathaqi in KSA.