• Agenda
    Day 1
  • November 25, 2020
Registration & networking breakfast

Master of ceremonies: Tom Urquhart, Presenter, Dubai One


Opening Address by Justina Eitzinger, COO, Images Group Middle East


Fireside Chat with Patrick Chalhoub– Unprecedented Opportunities of an Unparalleled Crisis

As the term ‘new’ gives way to ‘next’ normal, the very definition of normalcy has changed. It has changed as retailers are rewiring business models, rethinking revenue centres and readjusting plans to adapt in a changed business environment. Our opening address will take a deep dive into what really the ‘next normal’ entails for retail businesses.


Fireside Chat with Renuka Jagtiani – Unprecedented Opportunities of an Unparalleled Crisis

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster – full of new learnings, quick pivoting and unprecedented challenges, as the pandemic has created a new set of rules for the survival and success of retail. The fireside chat will focus on how retailers are rethinking the future of retail and their businesses.


Panel discussion – Tech-ing it Forward

Retailers are realigning goals in order to not only survive but sustain. Several transformational measures have been quickened – the foremost being acceleration of digital transformation, creating seamless ways of engagement, and building supply chain agility to ensure zero-loss inventory management. This session will bring together retail leaders with inside stories of how they rejigged operations through enhanced digitalisation.


Panel discussion – Purpose-fitted Digital Transformation

From supply chain agility to integrated mega distribution centres and touchless mobile checkouts, technology is ‘the’ enabler for retail transformation. Hear from subject matter experts decoding how technology is enabling the retail industry for a more demanding but an exciting future, by building agile yet resilient systems and processes.


Presentation: The Regulatory Framework for Advertising Claims in MENA

“A recent report by Tech Sci Research indicates that the UAE Cosmetics Market is expected to surpass $ 3 Billion by 2025*.”

As cosmetic brands grow they often overlook the evidence required by law, to make the amazing advertising claims that ensure the success of their product launches. Ayton Global Research has had a presence in the UAE for five years and has special industry expertise to ensure that brand owners maximise their growth whilst remaining fully legally compliant. Emerging advertising regulations in the UAE can be difficult to navigate.

In this exciting lecture Susan Ayton brings to life the way in which you can maximise your sales, not just in the UAE but in the MENA region and Rest of World. Susan will provide examples of brands that have excelled since conducting consumer

RetailME Awards 2020 Presentation accompanied by Lunch


Panel discussion – Engagement & Loyalty: How Data and Service Upped the Ante

Powered by Semnox Solutions

As COVID-19 put customer loyalty to the test, a section of retailers has won by not only gaining trust but also giving their loyal customers more reasons to shop. In doing so, data has played a key role in creating personalised experiences; while people – the retail executives – have interacted with customers in a contactless but humane manner. This session will bring together retail brands that have upped their game to gain customer loyalty.

Up Close with a Passionpreneur: Kris Fade, Founder, Fade Fit


Panel discussion – Growing in Power: The e-commerce Surge powered by Dubai CommerCity

Powered by Dubai CommerCity

Is e-commerce here to stay? According to research firm, Bain & Company, e-commerce was a $2.2-trillion market in 2019, whose contribution to retail is set to surpass 50% by 2020. Digital payments company Visa estimates the market size of e-commerce in the Middle East to reach $48.6 billion in 2022. Not only is e-commerce here to stay; it is going to be a strong driver of retail sales in the future. This session will focus on how e-commerce is reinventing consumers’ path to purchase, while creating growth opportunities for retailers.

Insights – Global design trends in food retail for 2021 & beyond By Nathan Watts, Creative Director, Interstore | Schweitzer


Panel discussion – Looking ahead: Retail churn or opportunity?

Retail has time and again proved its resilience; amidst predictions of apocalypse, the power of good retailing has led the industry to rise like a phoenix. If the new decade brought a pandemic, it also created several growth opportunities in a new landscape – where omnichannel is non-negotiable, design seeks readjustments, meaningful partnership is a must and rethinking customer experience is crucial. Our closing session will discuss how retail isn’t dead and what opportunities lie ahead.


Breakout session: Start-up Conclave – Survival of the fittest

Home-grown start-ups and entrepreneurs that survived the COVID-19 storm will share how they pivoted to stay in business.


Closing address