Middle East Retail Forum (MRF) 2023

About MRF

Middle East Retail Forum 2023 – Uniting the retail fraternity under one roof

The Middle East Retail Forum (MRF) 2023 promises to be an unprecedented platform where the retail leaders will converge to shape the retail ecosystem across the GCC region. Embracing the theme of Innovate, Collaborate, Transform, the conference will aim to ignite a change that propels us into a new era of innovation and progress. MRF plays a vital role in shaping the retail landscape in the region. By fostering knowledge-sharing, industry collaboration, and networking, it contributes to the continuous improvement and development of retail businesses in the Middle East and serves as an important reference point for the global retail community.

An annual thought leadership forum, one of the key roles of MRF is to aggregate entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and industry experts, creating a collaborative space where they can exchange ideas, insights, and experiences. MRF looks to serve as a catalyst for driving innovation and fostering growth in the retail sector. 

FUTURE CALLING: This year MRF aims to expand its horizon of discussion and look at the ‘future way’ to see how retail and the business landscape will shape in the time to come through the right initiatives, strategies, and a lot of innovative & collaborative work!

IMAGES RetailME Awards 2023 – Celebrating Retail Excellence

The annual IMAGES RetailME Awards, held alongside the Middle East Retail Forum (MRF), serves as a prestigious platform to acknowledge and honour the outstanding achievements of top retail organisations and brands within the Middle East region.

Setting industry standards, these honours specifically recognize retailers who have demonstrated outstanding innovation and pioneering initiatives across all channels, via best practices in business and technology through the retail value chain. The IMAGES RetailME Awards inspire the entire retail community to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. This recognition not only honours the efforts of individual retailers but also encourages the industry as a whole to explore new possibilities and push boundaries in the pursuit of delivering exceptional retail experiences to customers in the Middle East.

IMAGES RetailME Awards 2023 is now open for entries. It’s your chance to book your spot to get recognised!