Middle East Retail Forum (MRF) 2023

Since the beginning of 2020 Nathan Watts represents the London-based office of the retail agency Interstore, part of the design and shopfitting company Interstore | Schweitzer, as creative director. Prior to that, for 15 years he has worked for branding and retail agency Fitch, where he was able to acquire in-depth experience in the retail sector. During that period, he implemented projects for brands and retailers in Europe, Asia and North America, such Douglas, Walmart and Volvo. Socio-economic trends influence his work and serve as source of inspiration for the realisation of new and innovative design concepts. Watts sees it as one of his major challenges to create spaces where people would want both to consume and interact with their environment. He aims at creating forward-looking concepts especially for young consumers who grow up in a technological society and with a different view on the world. Together with his internationally connected team, Watts tracks down tomorrow’s trends and translates them into store concepts of the last generation.