Middle East Retail Forum (MRF) 2023

An entrepreneur from the age of 14, Ebraheem Al Samadi launched his very first business out of his mother’s Florida apartment selling thrift shop clothing and items on eBay, a stint which eventually earned him one of eBay’s coveted “1000 Power Sellers” awards. He joined the family business in 2010 as CEO of Retail, headed up by his father Husni Al Samadi. The Al-Samadi family later expanded their business interests into the Middle East, with Dubai as their operational hub. Today Al Samadi energetically pursues new opportunities wherever they arise. With brands, products and successful business models sourced from the US, Canada and Europe, the company portfolio is diverse and continues to expand. Al Samadi’s driving force has long been the desire to fully support his family, as well as striving to ensure he creates an environment which first and foremost promotes happiness amongst employees and colleagues. By taking successful business models and proven products and applying local knowledge, Al Samadi now treats the UAE to the best the world has to offer.