Images RetailME Awards 2022

The annual Images RetailME Awards, held alongside the Middle East Retail Forum (MRF), will recognise the achievements of retailers from the region who have had the courage to think out-of-the-box to bring innovative retail concepts and experiences equipped with emerging technologies and data that the world has access to today. Those that have managed to elevate the retail offerings both individually and collectively, adopted digitisation and advanced processes to deliver unimaginable outcomes, and have shifted their mindsets to reimagine values, goals, and orientations stand a strong chance at emerging as winners.

Images RetailME Awards is a benchmark in the Middle Eastern retail industry by honouring best practices and efforts of the retail fraternity, which serves as a massive contributor to the overall economy. The categories have been carefully designed to ensure equal opportunities to all verticals across the board.

The 2022 entries for Images RetailME Awards are now open and we urge the retail community to start nominating their peers and colleagues that have served as an inspiration, showcased resilient leadership, and raised the bar during the last year.

The nominations for RetailME Awards 2022 are now closed.
We will see you next year!

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