Health and Safety Measures

As an organiser, we believe that everybody who participates in the event should be offered a safe environment to attend and we plan to achieve this by implementing the strictest safety and health measures as per the regulations stipulated by DTCM.

A Hilton EventReady with CleanStay inspection will be performed to determine that the event room touchpoints have been properly set and cleaned as per Hilton CleanStay Standards.

We will also be observing all social distancing measures to ensure each attendee’s safety, health and peace of mind.

Safety at the Conference
  1.  Wearing a face mask will be mandatory at the event venue while wearing gloves are optional
  2. A social distance of 2 metres will be must at all times. At queues, floor stickers will be placed to ensure minimum distance is maintained
  3. The event will take place with 40% of the venue capacity and only 4 seats per table will be arranged
  4. Regular handwashing is recommended and sanitisers will be provided in all key areas
  5. All visitors will be screened via contactless temperature checks prior to entering the venue through designated hotel entrances
  6. If high temperature is indicated, the individual will be directed to an isolation room and will be given medical assistance
  7. Pre-packaged food and beverages with disposable cutlery will be used for Tea Breaks and Lunch will be served at your seat
  8. Complete sanitisation of the conference venue with 16 checkpoints will be conducted one hour before the start
  9. Designated bins are located throughout the venue to ensure that used Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is disposed in a safe manner
  10. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected hourly